Elombah: Nigeria Police Made Grammatical Blunders, Nigerians React

Toward yesterday evening, Nigeria Police Force took to their Facebook page to announce the release of Timothy Elombah but secured grammatical blunders that put social media hitting up with comments.

On their page, wrote below:

“Live at the Area Court of Justice of the FCT, in the Abuja Judicial Division, Holden at Abuja.

“In the matter of an application by the commissioner of police for an order of the Honorable Court to remind the Respondent’s in prison custody for a period of 14 days pending the completion of the police investigation and filing a former charge.

” However, the judge granted only seven (7) days to the police to complete their investigations and file a former charge on the 9th January 2018.

Pointing out the blunders, Nigerians went to their social media in flame “why arrest a journalist to make an unnecessary blunder, just release him and urge him to educate you guys”.

Mistakes Corrections
Holden at Abuja – Holding at Abuja
To remind – To remand
The Respondent’s – The Respondent (Timothy Elombah)
A former charge (2) – A formal Charge

See reactions:
Chibuike Anokwuru: For which offence are you detaining this man for 7days?, is he a suspected kidnapper or armed robber?, or just a civil case?, I’m asking because you refused to state his offence, meaning it might be a minor case, #stopimpunity #freepress.

Chijioke Precious: Gentlemen, the issue here shouldn’t be English. Look at the post. What did the guy do? Armed Robbery? Kidnapping? What’s the remand for 7 days for?

Emeka Charles Igweze: Must u remand some one u have no evidence against in prison b4 investigation ? This is a brand new year now after u remand him in prison n Ur investigation fund nothing against him, what Will y do?
It should be investigation b4 arrest. N the foolish judge will go on to remand some one without any evidence against him. Let’s decongest our prison pls

Emezie Shaka Ndeokwelu: And the person who wrote this gets paid with tax payers money……… please remove this and let us know when he is convicted!!!

Iboko Sylvester: For what offence is he being investigated, this article is bland and did not convey any meaningful information to the reading public. What did the man do why was he arrested and being kept in custody. Whoever that is in power today remember there is a tomorrow when you will be out of power

Nwajeri Nonso Kyrian: For Nigeria police PRO to have such grammatical blunder shows the level of rot in government institutions.

Daniel Elombah, see what you brought to your self. You spent time castigating Nnamdi Kanu….See More

Ikemba Kamalu: You can imaging that a trained police officer composed this post for public consumption. No offence, no names. This is shameful, not because your post is unprofessional but because you thing you can deform us by hiding the key information in this case for public verification and follow up.

Musty B Kiri: By looking at the grammar. The person maintaining this Nigeria police Facebook handle is really an embarrassment to the service. He just disgraced the Nigeria Police Force.

Ikemba Kamalu This Facebook account is manage by Force headquarters, and as such, the best and most professional hands in NPF. But look at the blunder in the press release. #Shame

Olakunle Adeniyi: This person is not a robber, but a news editor, arrested for an article arthoured by a guest on his platform, of which the Inspector General of Police is prosecuting him. The opinion article was published by many online platforms, but why was his case different? #FreePress #FreeTim

Nsikak Udo: Its a disgrace to the Nigerian police if this boy was arrested from Anambra and brought to Abuja on short knickers and you are remanding him to look for an offence to tag him.I pity our country.

Adeleye Emmanuel: No good media team or a fluent and vibrant police officer does not exist in Abuja command, step up your game and media team before criminal step up theirs…………………………… Any good job done by following the due process and not just your normal routine of unjustified detention.

Adama Musa: Who posted this please. ? Especially when all the area courts in FCT has no criminal jurisdiction to entertain criminal matters. You don’t need to post this here.

Olakunle Adeniyi: I awoke on New Year to the news that Nigeria’s security agents had snatched blogger Daniel Elombah and two or so of his siblings. There was little explanation for their arrest and detention beyond the alleged statement by the state agents that there we…See More

George Favour Akhigbe: Nigeria!!! Nigeria and Nigerian police!!

What country is this? What is this really?? …See More

Scofield Dokubo James: This is why this country appears too ridiculous before the international community. How can you arrest someone, keep him in prison custody before going around to gather the evidence to nail the person in court. It is expected that before you arrest or …See More

Obinna Modlyn Jude-Nwosuocha: What is he accused of. Because this thing the presidency is doing harassing the same people that brought them into office with the tax payers money is not funny and can’t be justified. Yet, the police is your friend! All I see here is grammar- why was he arrested?

Obinna Okafor: It’s a pity and worrisome that the NPF has degenerated to this point. Who ever that’s in charge of this handle shld be sanctioned and this post withdrawned. Everything about this post is wrong.

Paul Ilobah: Nigerian police. We are gradually moving to the era of unwanton arrest of citizens for criticising the govt or even the I G of police.
Misau case is there yet they want to take on everybody for every criticisms.
Na una go tire.

Okeoma Obinna Daniel: NPF are distasteful. We have really come to dark days in Nigeria similar to draconian days of Abacha. Someone for speaking out (as enshrined as his fundamental Human Rights) is being held/paraded in social media in cuffs like a criminal. Fulani herdsm…

Zion Stitches: This young man is accused of being among the resume or resign protest held in Uk. Just protest . And they waited for him just all these while just to pick him when he came back for Xmas… You guys are running a dictatorial government and it’s very unf…See

Steve Sky: U go fear grammar nah. Only this grammar alone will make the case and the Investigation very difficult. Because when the Judge read this kind of Grammar in the case file after the Investigation, he or she will be confuse and transfer the case to Almighty God in Heaven.

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