Nigeria: Prolonged suspension of local humanitarian aid after Boko Haram raid

A suspension of humanitarian aid has been extended in a locality in northeastern Nigeria where three Nigerian UN employees were killed earlier this month during a raid by Islamists of the Boko Haram group, reported Saturday. NGO Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

MSF and the UN withdrew their staff from Rann after the attack on 1 March and the United Nations announced last week that they would be suspended in the city until Friday.

The measure has been extended until next Tuesday at the earliest, the UN said in Abuja, while MSF has not set a date for a return.

The indispensable humanitarian aid

“We consider the area unprotected,” said Kerri Ann Kelly, coordinator of the NGO Borno State where Rann is located.

The attack occurred in this locality, near Cameroon, where there is a displaced camp of 55,000 people and where nearly 80,000 people depend on food and sanitation assistance. Eight Nigerian soldiers from a military base near the IDP camp who were apparently targeted were also killed.

The arrival of the rainy season

Kelly said time was running out for a resumption of humanitarian activities before the rainy season arrived when food was scarce and diseases were more common.

“If we can not go there, the rainy season is going to be a problem,” she warned.

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