AFIKPO CHIC: “the video is misunderstood, Nigerians are malicious” — Emeka Ugwuonye, SAN (Video)

Emeka Ugwuonye, the Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, and founder of Due Process Advocates, has added his voice to the video in circulation which captured ‘Afikpo Chi’, Maria Ude Nwachi, representing Afikpo North-east constituency Ebonyi State House of Assembly.

Maria, recently faced video scandal, which purportedly showed her dancing in a popular entertainment company like a ‘prostitute’ in United States.

She was suspended by the House for mixing up her duty with photographing work but later pleaded guilty.

Emeka said “the video clip is being misunderstood” adding that Nigerians are malicious.

In his words: “I would love to reach out to Afikpo Chic at this moment. I received a video clip of her in an entertainment piece she was involved in sometime in the past in the United States.

“Knowing the Nigerian society and knowing how malicious we are, I can understand the pressure she must face at the moment and the effort of her political opponents to exploit that situation.
Even though I have not spoken with Afikpo Chic, I can tell that the video clip is being misunderstood.

” I have not confirmed yet that she was really the person on the video. But even if she is the one, I believe the lady was involved in an entertainment piece in which she acted a role like every other actress. It is wrong to treat the video clip as a real-life event. It is just another make-believe of the entertainment industry. Many entertainers will dream to do what she did in that piece.

“What you see in that clip is nothing other than super brilliant performance on a stage. It was well rehearsed. They wrote what she was to say and she voiced her line.

“She hasn’t requested for my help. But I will be glad to help her cope with the political pressures she will face in her State right now. He added.

He said this on his Facebook handle, on Tuesday.


See video:


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